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Thread: The Hogfather

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    The Hogfather

    Any of you who have being to Croatia with Frank (basswood) recognise this man ?
    He is my hunting godfather Medo

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    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    He looks familiar... which shoot is he at?


    (I say looks familiar, but slightly drunken, dishevelled Croats clutching plastic cups of rakija all look similar! )

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    Medo tends to turn up at any and all of the shoots as he is known all over the place but he is in the village shoot below Jancovic lodge.
    He says that he has shot over 200 wild boar and a few that he poached at night so far in his life to feed his family but i think he lives on fags and rakija most of the time as do most of the ex-army blokes over there!
    top bloke though.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I find 'Nersha' and his son 'Bobo' quite entertaining, they make a great team. It's the way that Bobo is always smiling whereas Nersha glowers at you like you have just taken your last walk into the forest!

    There is another chap whose name I can't remember on the same shoot, wears an Edelweiss on his hat and speaks German. Once you get past the fact that he looks slightly maniacal in an "obergruppenfuhrer" kind of way he turns out to have a great sense of humour and sportsmanship, herding me into a good spot, beaming and giving a big thumbs up!

    Some great characters out there for sure!


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