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Thread: From The Netherlands

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    From The Netherlands

    Sorry for forgetting formal introductions
    I am from The Netherlands and started hunting again after a 10 year stop. My first hunt after these 10 years was a great stalk with Shaun Ryde, which made me addicted again.

    Back in Holland I decided to go on where others stopped and am now trying, like a real Don Chichot, to convince the authorities here to accept moderators.

    In real life I am 38 years old, married with 1 4 year old girl and a little boy expected next week

    Next to hunting I like bird shooting, clay shooting, fly fishing and free climbing.

    Hope to be learning from you all.



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    Welcome Erik, welcome back to the stalking scene! Shaun is a great guy, I was with him only a couple of weeks ago and can see why you are firmly hooked on it again!

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    Hi Erik,

    Welcome to Stalking Directory. Always good to see new hunters from overseas.

    Best of luck with your baby boy - I hope you are going to teach him hunting from an early age!

    Best regards,

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Home Page - Jelen Deer Services

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    Hi Erik,
    welcome to the SD!
    Good Luck with the new arrival


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    Thanks for the friendly welcome
    I am sure the baby boy will be hunting, his 4 year old sister is already very interesting in hunting and shooting, even though her mum doesn't like her to be into it

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