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    Federal Brass

    Just looking at box of Federal 100g SP's I picked up a while ago, almost all the cases have minor dents in them at various places, and I know from my brother in law's, his cases have small dents in them everywhere..WTF is Federal playing at! definitely sticking to norma brass for my reloading!!!!!

    Whilst I was at it, I stuck the 20 rounds on my scales, and they weight between 217.5 grains and 223.6 grains,,,now if I bothered sticking them into excel, I could show you the variance/deviation charts, etc. but....

    In any case, I think that kind of range is CRAZY I assume the brass and bullets weigh pretty much the same, so I can only imagine its variance in the powder loadings

    Then I stuck some 100g Norma SP's on the scales, they varied between 220.5 and 221.3,,much better

    Then I put my 87g hornady bullets on,, vary between 87g and 87.4g - tested around 10 only.

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    It's very simple the formed cases come off the conveyor belt into large bins and from there to the loading and packaging line. The dents are formed when the casess tumble onto the others. R.P cases look like they have been grit blasted they have so many marks on them. The case weight will vary by up to around 3% possibly a bit more. The powder charge weight will also vary as they are loaded by volume and not weight add the bullet weight variation and you have an accumulation of errors.

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    I'm with Brit. You assume too much when you start weighing factory ammunition. So shoot them, conscientiously, and see if they perform.~Muir

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