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Thread: BASC stalking scheme Thetford Forest

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    BASC stalking scheme Thetford Forest

    Anyone participated on the scheme?

    BASC/Forest Enterprise Deer Management Scheme King's Forest

    Ooooops put it in wrong section
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    Looked at it but far too expensive when compared to some of the stalking you find on the forum.

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    Yes in 2007.

    Very satisfied as you don't pay any additional for anything that you shoot. I'd shot a deer within about twenty minutes of starting and was most surprised to be asked if i wanted to carry on and get some more.

    FWIW these BASC schemes should be supported as it encourages the society to be a body that not only represents its member but has stalking for them also. As it used to do as WAGBI with wildfowling rights on the foreshore.

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    A friend of mine goes a couple of times a year. It does seem a bit expensive to me when you consider travel and digs etc, but he enjoys it and he thinks that it is good value for money.
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    Yes, been out with Des Green a few times. Not the cheapest, but Des is first rate (and being just up the road helps!).



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    I know a few lads that have been and all have shot deer and had a bloody good time.

    Compared to the likes of Arran I'd say it was was good value for your money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewS View Post
    ...Des is first rate... long as you take a good supply of Welsh cakes...and scones..and gateaux...and pies...and chocolate...and whisky...and toffee...
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    I thought this was a great Idea,
    It has helped a lot of fellow stalkers I know get a better insight into stalking and with helping to get their FAC where deer legal calibres were needed
    115 seems a small price to pay for the benefits gained

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    Factory ammo only in booking form I see , no good for us wildcat boys.


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