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Thread: 243 nosler 100grain

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    243 nosler 100grain

    Hi guys, anybody got any good loads for the above round?


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    VV N140, 36gr
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Is it not a little heavy for 140. Maybe 160 would suit better?
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    41g N160 has worked with 100g bullet weight.
    I am using H4350 with 95gSST,also good powder for the heavier .243 bullets.

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    On my third different 243 rifle, one was a full custom job and none of them were at their best with 100grn bullets.

    Oh they were MO deer ok but just could not get a really tight group. 80,85,90 all were much better. Probably didnt spend enough time on the development.

    Impatience is probably the cause!!

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    I use 43 grains of H4350 for 100gr rounds in my 243, usual rules about may not be safe in yours etc apply.

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    Keep telling my friend to stick with the 6.5 for deer and his 243 just as a fox killer!
    Then I would not have to find a bloody accurate 100 grain load!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    Hi guys, anybody got any good loads for the above round?

    I have tried a few different 100grain bullets in my 1 in 10 Tikka. I couldn't get it to group them well at all. As you guys here are saying, they tend to group 70-90 grain bullets best.

    I have looked on here >>>> and been in touch with some of the guys that regularly do write ups for the magazine and they all say that to get a .243 to group 100grain bullets tight consistently you will need a 1 in 8 ~ 1 in 9 twist barrel.

    I gave up on getting a tight group with 100grain bullets after a while with this barrel on this gun, but when it needs rebarreling I will be putting a 1 in 8 twist 26" barrel on to ensure I have the right tool for the job, I may even go AI to get a little more velocity, but not sure just yet.

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    As it's been said before the use of a 100 Grn flat based bullet will help.

    This is one reason I stayed away from the .243 this fussiness with heavier bullets and now I have both a 6mm Remington and a .243 Winchester then hopefully another .243 the way. If this .243 comes off then I will have one that DOES shoot the 100 grain bullets as the present owner has a good pricise load using them.

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    Never had a problem with my tikka not shooting well with 100gr bullets. Very accurate with 36gr of H380 and a cci mag primer. I loaded a few up for a friend to try in his tikka varmint with varget as that the powder he use's and they shot well too. I am using hornady 100gr btsp's though and not nosler's.

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