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Thread: Uphill/downhill.

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    I`m not trying to purposely make myself sound thick here but..............
    Does a bullet fired uphill lose its velocity quicker than a bullet fired downhill??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300wsm

    fired at 90 deg to the earths surface

    Up bullet being slowed by gravity

    Down bullet accelerated by gravity
    Maybe i should have worded my question better, i was meaning, say over 200-300 yards at a 45 degree angle. Though i`m guessing the answer is the same.

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    IIRC from school, an object moving through space is an object moving through space, irrespective of the angel to the body in question, so gravity will have the same pull on that moving object whether its angled up or down. Gravity doesnt have less pull at any given second at steeper angles.

    It would pull the object further down by the time it reaches 100 yards than it would a flat shot, because the round is in the air longer to get there(pythagoras).

    The downward angled shot will hit the ground sooner but it will have dropped by the same amount and travelled the same distance as the upward shot when it does.

    Having said that there will in theory be a tiny miniscule unmeasurable difference due to the fact that the upward round will be slightly further away from the body doing the pulling (the planet), but we are talking millionths of a m.m.

    Try it for real - aim 6 inches high at 150 yds, then 6 inches low. You will have the same degree of drop.

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    Your shot placement will also be different. The Round/Bullet/Head, whatever you call it is not travelling as far.

    ie, A bullet travelling at an angle, will cover a shorter distance uphill than that of one travelling parallel to the ground. There for gravity will have a lesser affect as it's NOT pulling down on the round for a true horozontal distance..

    If you are unsure what I mean, draw a triangle, (With a right angle)measure up or down the angled line say 4cm, draw a line straight down to the Horizontle and then measure, it will be shorter uphill or longer downhill.

    Hope that helps towards the answer you need.


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    I'm getting over complicated as well.

    Simplifed - every second it goes away from you gravity will pull it down an inch from its path if there were no gravity at all (or whatever). It will pull the same degree whether its going up down or straight.

    The bullets mass does not change and gravity pulls on mass. A bullet at a moment in time has a downward pull on it. How it got there or where its going next isnt relevant.

    There - thats me trying to be less complicated!

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    308 150gn sierra Mk @ 2900fps shot at 0 elevation drops 12.59" at 300yds
    308 150gn sierra MK @ 2900fps shot @ 30 degrees drops 9.64 @ 300yds.

    Plus the initial distance higher or lower it was aimed at. So the 2nd one still drops more because it is in the air longer. They are both affected by gravity to the same extent.

    30 degrees up and 30 degrees down will both drop by 9.64.

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    I was always lead to believe that if you were shooting at a deer, or anything else for that matter downhill at about 45 degrees you would need to shoot for the top of the shoulder as against the heart, as gravity pulls down on the bullet, (common sense would tell you this) but when you shoot at the same deer at 45 degrees uphill you would say shoot at nearer the bottom of the heart, as the bullet would rise Although the amount of movement in the bullet, up or down would be neglegible, which has been mentioned.

    Sorry if this repeats anything that has already been said but feel it is a better way of understanding it


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    Snowstorm, You are confusing the hell out of me!
    When you are shooting up hill at a target that is 300 yds away, you should treat the target as if were less than this distance (say 250m depending on angle) This is because gravity only affects the horizontal distance. A 300yd horizontal shot always drop more than a 300 yd angled shot. Hope this makes sense and I am sure I am right but then, my wife says I always think that!

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