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Thread: Hmmmm wind.............. nearly got blown off my feet! is everyone OK?

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    Hmmmm wind.............. nearly got blown off my feet! is everyone OK?

    Well I know they forecast some wind and gales but last night was a bit much. The poor dog only got a short walk as once one got clear of the scrub and hedges it was dicey trying to walk as it was almost blowing you off your feet. I dind't fancy being blown into the dyke.

    I wonder how those on the West are coping as it's coming from that direction.

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    Had an ash tree down on the deer park fence yesterday but no problems this morning. I cut the tree off the fence and bodged it up then called the fencing contractor in to do a good repair. He was there within an hour or two and made it as good as new. A good reminder of the value of having good, reliable, long term contractors rather than just chasing the cheapest quote each time. JC

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    Took the cheap travel option to work yesterday, Iv'e never ridden so far at an angle of at least 45 degrees, (on the public highway anyway!), same again coming home, just the opposite direction of leaning into, foxing was a complete washout,................ & to cap it all, just spent four hours winching the giant Pyracantha back up against the house, (an engine chain hoist, a pull lift, & a Tirfor, all in sequence), not bad going, two visits to the shower inside half seven & twelve o'clock.
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    It's pretty gusty here on the edge of the Bristol Channel at the moment. Was going to the range to help my mate zero his new rifle but decided it would be pretty pointless!

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    The wind is blowing a gale here in the west midlands . Roofs blown off and power outages.
    I am going pigeon roost shooting ,there should be some testing shots . I have been watching this wood for ages the pigeon are pouring in the evening.

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    Blowing a hooly here too. Up at 5 and went after Sika on the west coast in Kerry.
    Just back, were soaked to the jocks.

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    I am in the North East and we lost a few tiles of the roof last night!! If any one had have been hit by the falling tiles it would have been the end of them!


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    One of the stronger winds i've experienced here in the lead hills. A merc sprinter van was wiped out in front of me by one of those large kids trampolines. No idea where it came from as we were on the A74 and miles from any village. I gave the driver my details as his boss is unlikely to believe a trampoline could create such a mess.

    Trees down everywhere buy thankfully the roof is intact this time.

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    bloody rough down here too in norfolk , but didnt stop the roe coming out to play this morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    bloody rough down here too in norfolk , but didnt stop the roe coming out to play this morning
    They didn't come out to play where I was this morning, but I did get 3 Roe and a Munty Doe in the woods!

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