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Thread: silencers

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    i have remington 700 .243 and mainly use for foxes and deer,thinking about getting silencer however do they make much difference?

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    Only in fit , weight & length mainly. Most are the same quality with little or no diffrence in sound. I have used DM, ase, T series & wildcat . Personally getting the wieght & balance of the rilfe , with a mod gets my vote.

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    Keep ya money in ya pocket i find they make the rifle very heavy and bulky to carry for very little benefit !!! i wish id not bothered on two of my rifles and i would not buy one again

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    If you mean a Moderator, then I would advise a T8 or a Wildcat , if you have the dosh , something a little more exotic, moderators are an absolute must if shooting on the lamp near habitation, take no notice of those who pooh pooh the idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Keep ya money in ya pocket i find they make the rifle very heavy and bulky to carry for very little benefit !!! i wish id not bothered on two of my rifles and i would not buy one again
    Heavy and bulky, Not any more.
    Get yourself a Roedale. Brilliant
    And at last Sportsman have got them in..
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    A T8 Finnbear270 you must like carrying a sledge hammer around with you all day !!!!
    I would advise you Rob to borrow a friends rifle with one on and carry it around all day up and down dale then see if you want one ?
    If your shooting near to towns from a vehicle lamping foxes ideal but not on a stalking rifle !

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    i think they are a must for shooting foxes at night time
    you dont to be waking all the neighbours up at all hours
    the t8 is a bit heavy ,maybe the roedale would be the best way to go

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    If you’re shooting at night for foxes and wish to keep your permissions there a must, yes there heavy but you soon get used to them.
    I think for long stalk one bang mountain days they are not needed but if your going to take more than on shot they do make the difference and the wildlife do seem to get over a moderated bang a lot quicker in my opinion - They do still sound loud to us but if you are in the butts when someone is shooting a moderated rifle you would be amazed at the difference.

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    For years I said I would never have one on my stalking rifle, my first deer dog was deaf my the age of 7, when I got my next one I didn’t want her deaf so soon, to compound it I have hearing damage in my left ear, and two of my stalking friend have hearing damage from shooting rifles without hearing protection/moderator.

    As has been said the latest moderators are a mile away from T8s and wildcats, they weigh as little as 200gms. As for one weighing too much to carry, most stalkers could do themselves a big favour and loose a couple of pound from there waist and adding only 200/300gms to there rifle with a moderator.

    I was with a client last weekend he shot at a group of hinds and calves with a moderatored rifle, and the animals ran towards us for another 3 shots to be taken because they did not know which direction the shot came from.

    Plus points:-
    You get to keep your hearing,
    Your dog keeps its hearing.
    You don’t upset your neighbours
    Better chances of follow up shots on heads of multiple game.
    It tames the recoil and muzzle blast of even the most powerful cartridges.
    Most rifles shoot more accurately with a moderator.
    You have a greater chance of seeing the animal’s reaction to the shot with a moderatored rifle.
    You can’t shoot on some land without one (FC).

    Minus points:-
    Rifle weighs a little more.
    Rifle is a bit longer.

    The pluses far far out weigh the minus IMO.



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    I resisted moderators for years too - I agree about not hanging a 1 lb lump on the end of your barrel. I'm certainly not up to speed with all the makes, but pretty much the only two I would consider now are the Quicksilver and Roedale. Haven't tried the latter, but have heard good reports, but the quicksilver is fantastic! Doesn't affect the balance at all, but is a bit long. Does wonders for muzzle blast and noise though.

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