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Thread: HS-Precision stock for rem 700 S/A

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    HS-Precision stock for rem 700 S/A

    Hi i have a spare HS-stock for a remmy700 short action in like new condition cheers.

    Hi sorry my mate has told me that it has been devcon bedded with a tub recoil lug but fits a standard remmy like a glove i tryed my 22.250 in it & he wants 175 + p&p. Its in green web colour with palm swell fatter fore end & two front studs & has no metal work & is in mint condition.
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    Stick a pic up please

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    Here is the pic's the stock has palm swell & beefer fore end & two fore end studs. Im sorry folks i forgot that the stock is devcon bedded for remmy with tub recoil lug but still fits standard remmy action like a glove & my mate wants 175 for the bedded stock plus what ever it is to post it.

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    it was 150 ? or is there 2 thanks
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