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Thread: any tips for a new glasses wearer?

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    any tips for a new glasses wearer?

    i've got a days doe culling tomorrow and its the first time i'll be stalking wearing glasses, any tips please. i've already adjusted my bins and scopes to suit and i've thrown the magazines away.

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    Wear a hat with a peak and carry a glasses cloth in a dry pocket. I stalk all the time in glasses and it's fine. It may take a while to get used to using the bins but I doubt you'll notice looking through the scope.

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    You'll find that once you are used to it there is no problem at all. I sometimes see two crosshairs but know that if I do I am not looking down the scope properly. Get right behind the scope where you should be and all is well. May not apply to all glasses wearers but looking through my scope I tend to get a slightly oval picture (not out of focus) although I do not get this through Binos.
    Almost guarantee you one thing. The number of deer you see/shoot will go up. I did not realise the little things that I was not seeing till I started to wear glasses out stalking.

    You should have thrown the magazines away before you got to this stage. You could always keep looking with just your left eye.

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    Glasses are a pain in the arse constantly fogging up if its not rain and condensation its your breath when bringing the rifle up . What I have started doing is wearing mine for general stalking but take them of and let them dangle on those suspender cords , then take the shot and put them back up again after I have wiped them.
    I have tried everything and nowt seems to stop them steaming up.

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    Another consideration is using contact lenses. I got fed up constantly having to wipe the glasses when they got steamed up especially when using the bino's that I tried out contact lenses and have not looked back. I bought the ones you can discard at the end of the day and only use them if stalking or out pheasant shooting in the rain. This means a pack of 30 lasts a long time. It was some thought to put a foreign object in my eyes but I am now able, usually, to put the lenses in in one go which is a lot lot better than when I started as it could take me up to 10 attempts at the beginning.


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    I can't get on with glasses, especially in bad weather when they fog up or get rain on the lenses.

    I use contacts and have had no problems what so ever, just remember to keep some spare ones in your kit incase one decides to pop out

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    I stalked for years wearing glasses and found it deeply frustrating. I remember one occasion when i stalked a fallow buck for about an hour in freezing conditions, i finally got to a position where i could shoot, leant of a fence stump and all the heat from inside my jacket steamed my glasses up, i couldn't see a thing. I ended up throwing my glasses behind me looked through the scope and realised i couldn't take a shot because everything was blurred. The buck lived another day and i went to the opticians and overcame my phobia of contact lenses. The best thing i ever did, i only wear them for stalking/shooting and it doesn't matter what the weather or temperature is.

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    I have no problems shooting with my glasses on, unless the weather is wet, then I take them off, and re-adjust the scope/bins.
    I also remove them when the light levels fall, I have glasses that darken in bright light, the downside is they never go completely clear so night vision suffers.

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    get some anti-fog it makes life a lot easier, or as previously suggested, try some contact lenses. the modern dailies are very easy to get used to and have a long shelf life.
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    daily disposable contacts I've been using them for over ten years no problems

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