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Thread: Hi Fellow Stalkers and Shooters

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    Hi Fellow Stalkers and Shooters

    Hi Peeps,
    My name is Mark, I have been shooting something or other since I was about 15 when I first shot a Shotgun. Four years ago I got my FAC and have been lucky enough to now have a fair bit of land to shoot on.
    I am a Postie and part time Gamekeeper, I say part time, the pay is part time, not the hours, I love it really as it keeps me busy and I am always learning something new which is cool. I run one part of three shoots within a syndicate. Mainly Duck on my shoot with a few Pheasants thrown in for good measure.
    Most of my regular shooting is Foxing. My real passion is of course Stalking although I have not done as much as I would have wanted to recently, but with the Shooting season just finished and the clean up under way, that will change, well for a short while anyway.
    That's me really, oh!!, Married, 2 kids, well 17 and 18 yrs old, so not kids really, anything I have left out, please feel free to ask

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    Excellent introduction !!

    Welome aboard


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    welcome m8 from one keeper to another no such thing as part time keep up the good work . not easy juggling full time job , pt job ,family

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