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Thread: Gunshop rugby

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    Gunshop rugby

    I am looking to find out if anyone deals with the gunshop rugby. They have a barrel I am interested in but I have not dealt with them before. Just looking fir general opinions please.



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    I've dealt with them a couple of times with no problems. I believe that they also own the gunshop in Northampton or vise versa. JC

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    my local gun shop,rugby and northampton are jointly owned and also have an intrest in barby sporting clay ground.been going a long time now and are pretty good to be honest.

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    I have dealt with them for some years and both bought guns from them and sold guns through their brokerage scheme.

    They are good honest people and a pleasure to deal with.

    About five minutes by car from Norman Clarke too. So you can visit the both places during the same trip to Rugby!

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    both shops are very good what one dont have the other will have. dealt with dave at npton since i was a boy and none ash since he was born .

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    Have bought from them, lovely bunch, a pleasure to deal with!

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    Great shops, I deal mainly with Northampton. Dave, Ashley and Derek are always very helpful and you can have a great craic. Most of their gunsmithing is done by Gene Godden and if you want a custom rifle built Chris Blackburn, of UK Gunworks is based nearby, and is often in the Northampton shop.

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    Thanks for the replies, can't ask for better recommendations.


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