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Thread: What is a cull buck???

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    What is a cull buck???

    When under exam conditions!!! and ot on your land???

    Sorry for original deleting post, but for the good of site, and my blood presure I am just going to stick to stalking my beasts!!

    It doesn't matter what went on in my case, but the AW thought it ok....the assesor not. Who is right??

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    Ahh yet again it happens. Sorry to have to bring it up again but I sympathise with you Duncs, it appears that this crap is still going on with level 2

    What has it got to do with the accessor about what kind of deer you cull, it should make very little difference, and quite honestly I fail to see why its their business to know whether you take a good beast or a poor one. Surely they are there to judge your skills in stalking, safety, carcase preperation and handling in the larder, and presenting a safe carcase to enter the food chain.

    Or is there another level to level 2 that people are not being told, you know the one where they make up there own rules as they go along because they want to be tin gods

    Sorry to rant a bit but this should not be happening as far as I am concerned.

    Anyway well done Duncs for passing, good on ya

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    One of my friends booked an AW for last Friday evening hopefully to witness two stalks on roe bucks on the AW's ground.

    As a result of info I picked up on this forum I was able to warn him that he should check with the AW before the stalking started what could be shot and that the AW would not tell him where the deer were likely to be.

    When he called me to let me know how he got on, he said that, after it was over, the AW commented that he wished more people asked him before the stalking started if there were any bucks to be left alone as this avoided potential problems of the AW having to intervene during the stalk or arguments with the Assessor later

    On the subject of Level 2, is it not easier to get by completing the stalks on roe or muntjac rather than one of the bigger species?

    What do you think?


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    The aim of the Standard and related assessments is to enable candidates to demonstrate their understanding of basic deer management principles and to show competence in legally, safely and humanely culling deer, and dealing with carcasses hygienically. This is a quote from the DMQ website.

    Is not asking the owner whether the beast fits into the cull plan showing you have an understanding of deer management???

    If they had said, quite a poor beast, lets say in scotland on Red stags, and you normally shot beasts in suffolk, you might well shoot the best beast on the property!!!

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    Remind me never to bother to take my DSC2. I have far easier walls to bang my head against!

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    Candiate wlks up to a deer, it has a peruque. He shoots as it is in his mind a cull beast...gets slapped with a huge trophy fee!! How does this help the candidate??

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    Dear me, that's a brainful.

    Thank heavens we don't have to do that with angling.

    When I joined the shooting club I'm in now, before I was even given a rifle to hold on my first safety training session the old guy said quietly "Listen to me son, if you f/// up with this it isn't you who pays the price and you dont get a second chance". I never forgot it and everything I do now stems from that one sentence.

    I'm not going stalking until I can tie up with someone who knows what they are doing. In particular I dont think I will have earned the right to take a shot at a deer until I've at least done a gralloch on a deer I haven't shot myself.

    DCS2 does my head in.

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