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Thread: Deluxe Redding 3 Die Set - Mint

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    Deluxe Redding 3 Die Set - Mint

    Deluxe Redding 3 Die set in mint condition (for 30-06)

    60 once fired Remmington & Peters cases 30-06 (I use R & P in my .270 and find them excellent.

    With relevant certificate - 100 Sierra Pro-hunter 150gr bullet heads (30-06)

    Only selling as no longer any use for them.

    70 face to face (or plus p&p by RFD)

    Cash, Cheque (to clear) or Paypal



    Click image for larger version. 

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    Phil, I would like the dies and brass please, I could use the bullets too but its probably easier for you to sell them to someone closer. Let me know how much you will take, posted to me minus the bullets please. Best wishes, JC

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    PM sent


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