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    Long Distance

    I decided to go wildfowling tonight and parked up on the lane side before a 1 kilometre walk to the seawall and the foreshore. I got my gear on and let my dog out, Raff a HWV, he had a bit of a sniff around and a pee as normal before stopping and looking intently upwind then taking in deep lungfuls of air in with a snorting sound. Normally this is a sign he has scented deer, there was strong wind blowing from the direction of the seawall and there was nothing to be seen in the adjacent field or the next.

    Anyways I tramp off down a drain side to the seawall, and on reaching the vantage point of the seawall I see them, half a dozen Roe couched down in the lea of the only hedge around, and directly upwind of where I had parked the car, and I would say approx 1 kilometre away from the car. No guarantees that my Viz had scented those deer of course but all the signs were that he was indicating deer.

    Did not see a duck at flight time !

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    Got to love them dogs they know whats on.

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    Long Distance

    Its a WHV
    I am surprised you are surprised.
    This season Arther winded a wounded Pheasant across Two fields bordered by a thick hedge.

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    Nothing like it. My hwv scents deer at crazy distances.
    I'm not surprised yours scented them. What's his breeding?
    Atb Steve

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    Its a WHV
    Well whatever it is it is ginger and hairy and most of the time quite peculiar with a fondness for deer, pheasants, geese and my fish and chips, oh and sticks, he adores sticks, a legacy of his previous owner, ever seen a HWV (or WHV whichever yoy prefer) pointing a tree ?? Hilarious !!

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    are you sure theres nothing in the tree,squirrel glp doz this all the time

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    Long distance

    OOPs its a HWV

    Dyslexia rules KO

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