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    Hello to all;
    This is new to me, so I just want to say I've been seeing a lot of info on hunting and shooting and did not know this even existed untill about a week ago. I have been raised here in the lower part of Indiana ,where the land is mostly rolling and there is a lot of woods and some big lakes. I've hunted for over 50 years. Hunting is the finest of sports reguardles of opinions ; there is nothing to compare it to,that pays off like it.
    Its not only the game taken, it's the freedom of being with nature itself.

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    Welcome to the site, I look forward to your input.



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    A big welcome to the site 1burley.

    Your right mate, hunting is the finest sport.


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    A warm welcome i am sure you will enjoy the site
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Thank you for the welcome Wadashot . I really do not know much about using these sites like this one.
    I'm just an old country boy that has always liked hunting and guns. I found this site while looking for info
    on Parker-Hale rifles. I found there are many people who were very familiar with these guns.
    I can remember when they first were introduced to here in the united states through some of our local
    stores , such as JC Penny.
    This may be out of place but to my opinion Parker-Hale rates with the best. I've shot a lot of guns and bar
    none they shoot with best. I have a 243 1200 series varmint made in 1969 . It really has not been shot
    a lot but has done it's share. It is still my favorite of all and I have a lot of different brands.
    Well good to hear from you and take care.
    Your friend

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    Welcome 1burley,

    My eldest daughter lives in your next door state of Ohio. I have not had the chance to hunt there yet, but I hope to visit again in March. There looks to be some good varmint shooting over there going by all the squashed critters I have seen on the roadside!

    Happy hunting


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    Welcome to SD 1burley, if you want to chat about Parker Hales until the cows come home speak to our member Brithunter, he's the font of all knowledge where PH rifles are concerned.


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