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Thread: Scope for 22 rimmie

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    Scope for 22 rimmie

    Is there such a thing as a "cheapish" about 100 for a scope for a rimmie, and before you say get one from china! i did and its as good as a chocolate fire guard lol, i toatly stripped the rimmie and took it out to re zero and i was putting rounds "ALLOVER" the show i could the the left to right ok but the hight!!! I started at zero and the first shot was about 15" low gave it 10 clicks up and it moved about 1 inch gave it another 20 clicks and again moved an inch! then ran out of clicks, so it has to go..
    cheers ss.

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    There was a scope designed for a .22LR in the shape of a Leupold 6x42 'M8'. They are out of production now but you should get one second hand for just over 100 quid. x6 fixed power is ideal as you then get used to the size of rabbits etc at certain ranges which is essential for the 'looping' trajectory.

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    try the JSR range they are good value for money and will do what you want them to do.
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    I use JSR on airrifles and they are cracking for the money

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    hi speedystu,

    Have you ruled out that the faults don't lie withing the threading/moderator, mounts and that the scope is on straight? My .22LR 10/22 has been in and out of the gun smiths for the last 8 months! This is because the thread for the moderator was a retrocut, basicly with the silencer on the rounds are very high and left and the groupings are very poor. Take the moderator of and the gun shoots dead eye, nice and tight.

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    Personally I would go for one of Debens scopes with a MAP 8 reticle. I've used one for years, absolutely brilliant.

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    I liker the Nikon ProStaff 4X but recently bought Leupold 2-7X, 33MM designed for a rimfire. Sweet Scope!~Muir

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    +1 for the second hand Leupold 6x42 (or 3-9x40). Beware of fake Leupolds on Eblag. I have never understood why people will spend 800 on a scope for a deer rifle and 50 on a scope for a .22lr when the rimfire generally gets far more abuse than the deer rifle does. I know recoil tolerance is a factor but I think use and abuse killed more scopes than recoil ever did. JC

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    Hmmm depending upon your use of course I brought a new Hawke Niteye 3-10x44 as I recall and sold it again as it was damned awful. The bunny rifle now wears an older Nikko Sterling Platinum 4x40, The Brno Model 2 now has an old Nikko Sterling Special 4x32 on it. I put a older Simmons 6-18x40AO competition Airgun scope on the Supersport Five for a bit of target shooting.

    As mentioned it will depend really on what you want to sue the rifle for.

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    + 1 On the Brno with Nikko Stirling 4x32.

    Started of with a Brmo many years ago, then very unwisely changed to a Ruger 10/22 ( Always suffered ammo probs. STICKING / CRAP!!!!!)
    So after a short time went back to old faithful BRNO.

    Rgds. Buck.
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