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Thread: Sheil Bridge / Loch Duich russian roulette driving at night!!!

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    Sheil Bridge / Loch Duich russian roulette driving at night!!!

    i was over at Sheil Bridge at the bottom of Loch Duich at the weekend to do some diving drove over on the saturday for diving on sunday and i arrived at around 17.45 so was getting dark ......but....

    could not believe thamount of reds obn the road for the last 10 or 15 miles before you get there!!!!!!!! turn a corner and holy ****!!!!! new drawers please the amount of times i rounded a corner to be met by them on the road or right on the roadside...i wasnt driving fast either not on that road with an old ford maverick!!! i did spot 2 road kills lying at the side of the road but there must be some accidents on that road ????

    also if yer ever over there as you come into sheil bridge watch out for the suicidal goats that like to walk out in front of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sauer /paul

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    The main A9 was pretty bad last Monday evening as well with plenty of deer on the roadside verge over dramochter. Not fun in the dark and driving rain.

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    Go into one of the local garages and buy a deer whistle stick it to th bumper you'll not have any problem there after .
    Remember to take it off if your going lamping else where.
    Last time I was in the loch Duich hotel I done a bit of diving myself a great night was had by all very friendly locals extremely helpful to say the least .

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    Hello sauer and Heym,
    Well, you have been driving on roads which run through the higher hill passes, and those deer never get down as low as the more coastal ones, but have to make the best of a difficult job in hard times.

    Saur, you'll have noticed that from the top of the rise before descending into Glen Sheil - Westwards -the hill is fenced off all the way to the base near Kintail. By the same token, the braes above the road on the left between the Cluanie Inn , (Driving Eastwards), and the Invergarry junction bridge are also under fenced afforestation, so the deer have been squashed out of some considerable wintering ground.

    Getting the soap box out for a minute - When I drive through such places, I am invading what little ground is left to them so as far as I am concerned - I have to respect their rights. The poor beasts are being forced into situations where confrontation with human activities is inevitable - It could just be a matter of time before some bright spark will launch yet another vendetta on RTA's where the deer are to blame.
    As for the Glen Sheil goats. Their suicidal behaviour is worsened by their muted piebald colouring which renders them practically invisible in the half-light.

    Maybe it's only a matter of time before yet another bout of ''ear cropping'' occurs.

    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    hi ken ....

    i did notice all the fencing espicially when you come out of the kintaill lodge hotel and of course whilst driving.....

    totally agree with the driving conservatively.....espicially in an old ford maverick on roads that i dont know too well!!!! as for the colouring of the goats!!!!!....thats what got me the worst pair of underpants!!!!.....them materialising out of fecking nowhere.......whats the story with them ?????do they belong to someone at the houses there at the junction to turn off to the south side of loch duich??

    ill have to look into these "deer whistles" never heard of them before....wonder if ic an get em on the east coast here back home

    yup the hospitality in the kintaill lodge is alwayas good ...especially after a good dive....nowt better than a pint of red cuillian and a plate of scallops!!!

    sauer/ paul

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    The goats turned feral at some point a long 'way back. Long before my time. They roam the house areas at the bottom on that bad horse-shoe bend, and of course on the braes further out and don't give a hoot about anyone or anything, but I never heard of any dissident noises from the locals - but then - I've not had so much to do with that area since my parents left Glenelg many years ago.

    'Never has the yen to shoot one. They really stink and a friend of mine who WAS brave enough to get one over on the side of Loch Torridon had to put up with the smell for a long time afterwards as he took the cape home.

    Now THAT'S what I call a forbearing wife !

    Red Cuillian AND scallops ! I take it you were driving alone ?
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    There you go I first seen them in Ullapool about 10 plus years ago the certainly do the job ,at that time i was regularly up the west coast rock climbing the deer on the road were a pain in the arse, especially on the cluanie, Glen Morrison area came close to ending the game on the motor bike on that very road .

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    cheers for the link for deerwhistlw ill have a look.....

    was i driving alone after the red cuillain and scallops????


    but wife says i certainly dont need their help!!!!

    sauer / paul

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