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Thread: Tiger Stripe!

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    Tiger Stripe!

    Tiger stripe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by josh View Post
    Tiger stripe!
    Flecktarn surely?

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    more a f*ctleg I would have said.

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    Its a bloody Brindel unless you are in germany mate came through in the bull breeds many many years ago was then passed on to the the running dogs to give the a bit more fire thats why you will find it in greyhounds and whippets.etc Still a nice looking dog might go back to the bull breeds of england shire many moons ago.

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    brindle going by breed standard for hanovarians
    COLOUR : Light to dark deer-red, more or less intensely brindled, with or without mask. Small white patches on forechest tolerated

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    Is he a giant or is that the worlds smallest Hanovarian?

    Mine will easily get her front paws above my waist if she is greeting me like that.

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    cracking looking dog. i,ve got 2 ridgebacks which these look alot like but will be replacing with 1 of these when their time is up .lol stav

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