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    what calibre

    hi folks i was wondering if u could help i currently shoot an m55 22.250 witch i use for fox and roe but as i am now trying to start stalking for larger species ie -red and sika i am unsure wot callibre would be best i have looked at the 270 and 308 as obvious choices but having never used these callibers i thought u guys could help any info would be much apprecited

    many thanks mur

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    No offence mate but you will find this thread has been done to death,a quick troll through this site on previous threads will give you all the info you will need,it will come down to personal choice in the end,mine is .243 and a 30.06.
    In my mind I think I have everything covered in this country and on the continent,but that is only MY opinion.

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    Blooming heck look out

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    270, 308, 30 06 all good for selection of ammo in all of the gun shops. There are plenty of other cals that will do the job. If you just want to shoot large deer either of the 3 above will do fine also think about what range you want to shoot at some are flatter shooting than others and other cals buck the wind better but it doesn't mater that much if you have a laser range finder and know how your rifle perform in a given set of conditions you will know how to allow for drop and wind. at sensable lowland stalking distances these factors are not nearly as important on the larger species but do still come in to play.


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    no offence taken landy ive just had a look and i would say the question is pretty well covered .so 308 it is i think cheers for the response lads

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