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Thread: FLO inapropriate answers???

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    FLO inapropriate answers???

    You are expecting a visit from your FLO. Are you prepared for the questions?
    Question. Does anyone suffer from insanity in your family?

    Wrong answer. No, we don't suffer, we actually quite enjoy it?

    Anyone think of others,

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    Why do you think you require access to a firearm?

    To shoot my ex-missus

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    Why do you want a section 1 shotgun - to be prepared for a zombie attack!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    Question. Does anyone suffer from insanity in your family?
    Yes, it's hereditary - we get it from our kids.

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    "what cartridge would you recommend for home defense?"

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    Q. Why do you need so many firearms?
    A. Do you play golf? Why do you need a bag full of golf bats? Small, precise ones for close work. Medium ones for medium work. Big heavy buggers heavy stuff. No I wasn't planning on putting the kettle on, I had a lovely brew just before you arrived.

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    "Can you tell where I can buy an Arms International .338 sniper rifle?"

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    a tenant farmer up north put the reasons for keeping a 22 were "fur shotin th odd rabbut , sway backed lambs an owld dogs as no use any more "

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    Q: "So, this is where you live"
    A: "No".

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    "Pass me the keys, would you? They're on the board by the back door with a label on them that says GUN SAFE."
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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