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Thread: boundary what would you do????

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    Wink boundary what would you do????

    what do you all think?when browsing another hunting site i came across a post which had a photo showing the march of my stalking ground and the neighouring farm which is open hill ground and another pic off a dead doe clearly in the trees on my ground. when i chalenged the lad who wrote the post was told all forrest edges look the same and the ground was in newton stewart which is a lie - which I can prove. since I started asking a few questions on the forum, the whole post has been removed for reasons unknown to me. Maybe the lad knows hes shot himself in the foot by putting the pics on the internet. What do you all think? cheers Tam

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    does the law not state! WITHIN the bounds of YOUR permission not a foot or 20 each side or what ever? so he was trespassing with a firearm! Ouch that's not good!

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    Hi Tam

    First thing you should have done was saved the image!

    I'll send you a pm about what I would do in case the poaching b*****d reads this....

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    I would send admin a pm and ask them why it was removed. I would then go and see the landowner who has the land up to the forestry edge and tell him your concerns. If you have pictures keep them and print them out showing the landowner the proof. Poaching is an offence and if it is done on a regular basis you will suffer and you will need to bring your cull figuer down. Make sure the Forstry company know about this also and why you are struggling with your cull in that area.
    I imagine this was the Foxhunter post.

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    The person, who posted and removed the post (when he was busted) has a reputation for this kind of behavior, it just beggars belief that he has the brass neck to actually post pictures of somebody else's ground in the first place........


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    Personally, I wouldnt have posted anything, not on here or the other site. If he thinks that nobody is on to him you would've had a better chance of tripping him up.

    Sometimes its better to say nothing.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Dont know him or you, but as others have intimated its perhaps not an uncommon occurance for him to be poaching. As thats what it is. If the deer was shot on his ground but ran to yours he still needs permission to get it.
    This being the case then perhaps the police should be invollved. Even though this post has been removed there is always a trail in a computer that when someone who knows what they are doing can find the evidence they need. And it looks as though there are a few folk who know who this individual is already.

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    If you know who it is id pay them a visit they would'nt be keen to poach my ground again, more than one way to skin a cat as they say !

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    Compliancy breeds contempt . if this"persons" is posting pic's of the deer he has shot on the internet how many has he had or how often is he on the ground to get to the compliancy stage. good luck with getting to the bottom of this one .....neil

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    What would I do?

    Well, as I understand it, if he shot it on his side and it died on yours, in Scotland, if he then took it... it is his beast. No crime committed. So, I'd get over it.

    However, if he shot across the march at a healthy beast on your side... different story, that's called poaching. You'd need to prove it though.

    Good luck either way~Tom

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