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Thread: UK supplier for a Lyman 1200 Auto-Flo tumbler ?

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    UK supplier for a Lyman 1200 Auto-Flo tumbler ?

    Dear All,

    Can any of you recommend a UK supplier of a Lyman 1200 Auto-Flo tumbler ? Getting scunnered of hand cleaning / polishing the brass.


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    Tim Hannom sells them ob ebay, I bought one for £80 a few weeks ago.

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    Reply received with thanks however neither of the two listings currently on Ebay have the Auto-Flo addition; I'll contact them anyway and, if no luck, will buy from across the "pond".

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    speak to mark at kirklees guns,i got one for £65 posted

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    You might check out Reloader Solutions , Always have had good dealings with.

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    Thanks to all for the replies, decided to purchase an Ultrawave ultrasonic bath cleaner rather than a tumbler as I've frequently to clean motorcycle injectors and carburettor jets / needles; lead free gums up parts within a year of no usage.

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