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Thread: cz .223

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    cz .223

    Hi, I am selling my CZ 527 .223 rifle,(I believe it is the lux model). It is a nice light gun, with a crisp set trigger. I have only been using the rifle for stalking Roe and as such, it has only had light use. The rifle has fired less than 40 rounds through her,(and the previous owner 50-60). The gun is in good condition,(as you can see from the pictures I have). Please PM me your email if you are interested and I will send them to you.

    The only reason I am selling her is due to using my .270 more and I just don't get round to lamping foxes ect.

    I'm looking for 350 for the rifle and mounts. I should be able to RFD for an extra 25.

    Located near Inverness.

    PM me for any questions!


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    I forgot this was for sale on here. I am doing my last price drop to 300 for the rifle and mounts. PM me if interested!

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    I've got no connection with the seller. From what I can see of it this is a .223 CZ 527 LUX - 2002 model - Serial No. A0643 with Millet after market mounts.

    The sale price is what the RRP would have been in 2002. This is a bargain at half the current 2011 price, and you'd still have to pay for mounts on top.

    Not the right configuration for me, and I've already got the American LH version .... so I know that the CZ 527's do shoot. For the money this is well worth a look.

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    Thank you for the kind comment! I am very tempted just to keep it. It's a good gun!

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