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Thread: new lightweight stalking jacket needed

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    new lightweight stalking jacket needed

    i need a new light weight stalking jacket, which will be used for stalking lamping i have some vgood coats but they are to heavy, as i do a lot of walking ,does any of you know anything about the alpine fleece stalking jacket, its in stalking gear uk . . their add is on this site or any other thoughts on this jacket or what do you wear ,needs to water,windproof and fairly light weight atvb steve
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    barbour linhope range is very light, and there is another one lighter (but a bit rustly).
    I have a linhope and it is much lighter than all the musto etc equivalent.

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    Deerhunter game stalker anorack gets my vote, all of the above

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    After many years of wearing Barbour and Musto, mostly, I'm starting to go down the mil surplus route. The German Gore-Tex flecktarn jacket is very lightweight indeed and not what you would expect from a military jacket. It packs down to nothing, is waterproof, you don't worry about damage and it cost me 13 delivered.

    It doesn't have many pockets but you can wear something like the British windproof smock over the top of it if necessary. Also, with wash in waterproofing the windproof smock is pretty waterproof and will last at least an hour in heavy rain so it alone might be up to your job on most nights. I was also amazed to lie in a puddle in mine for 15 minutes the other night and find that no water came through. I've bought clothing claiming to be waterproof that didn't perform as well.

    Well worth a look, try ebay for a start, and cheap enough as to be nearly disposable if you find a barbed wire fence or similar.

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    many thanks guys,i have bought one, on hear from stalking uk made in germany,so it should be good, plus at 70 quid posted it is not going to break the bank,atvb steve

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