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Thread: Blaser Saddle Mount problems

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    Blaser Saddle Mount problems

    I have a problem mounting a Zeiss Victory 6-24x56 to a Blaser Jagd Match barrel. The Jagd Match barrel is the fluted heavy duty barrel. The standard 30mm mount does not provide enough clearance, such that the scope touches the barrel.

    I want to use the scope for foxes on a LRS2 (.243 Win) but cannot do so at the moment. Does anybody know if Blaser do a raised mount?

    Many thanks


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    Hi Conor,
    Yep, Blaser do a 9mm base height 30mm ring in addition to the lower 5mm base height - I've got the same scope/barrel set up on my on my LRS2.

    They also do a pair of 4mm riser blocks which come complete with longer screws which is cheaper than buying a pair of rings - I recently bought a pair of these from the UK importers Open Season for 32.90 (Inc VAT at 17.5%) to mount a 6-24x72 to a Saddlemount base as they only do one height of 34mm rings (as far as I know).

    Hope that helps,
    Best wishes

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    Thank you very much for the help; that`s great to know!

    I will be on to them, first thing.

    All the best


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    Blaser mount pictures

    Hi Conor,
    Just taken a few pics so you know where you are.

    New camera, haven't a clue but seems to work ok - not a lot of daylight which spoils Pic 4 a bit.
    Pic 1 - 30mm Medium height mounts + 6-24x56. With low mounts the underside of the turret fouls the Saddle mount base.
    Pic 2 - 34mm Medium height mounts + spacers + 6-24x72 - a gnat's doodah of clearance on the barrel and no room for a Butler Creek (don't think they make one to fit anyway)
    Pic 3 - 30mm Low height mounts + Swaro 3-12x56 + Professional stock and standard skinny barrel.
    Pic 4 - low and high 30mm mounts.

    If you ever get a Match barrel with the picatinny rail then Brugger & Thomet mounts are the only way to go - they fit. All the others I tried were sloppy in the grooves - badger, nightforce, ARMS etc etc - but then if you take the picatinny rail off you might find Saddlemount 'holes' in the receiver which saves a whole lot of faffing about. There is a locating stud in the receiver but the Saddlemount will go over this without fouling on it.

    Can't see it in the pics, but I made a slimmer 'ambidextrous' cheekpiece out of a scrap Remi lastic stock to replace the original adjustable one - I could never get on with that and nearly sold the rifle because of it and who has time to faff about when you need to go left handed in a hurry.
    Best wishes,

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    Apologies for the delay in getting to you; just got back from a few days in the Highlands.

    Many thanks for the pictures. I spoke to Open Season and I am getting some risers. Going forward I think I will order barrels with the Picatinny Rails!

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