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    FAC Slots

    If you want to use a moderator on a rifle do you have to have a specific alowance to use one on that particular rifle or do you just need to have the allowance to have a moderator and then use it on any of your rifles?

    So could you have one moderator for 3 rifles.

    I ask because a friend of mine has a spare slot for a moderator and he is thinking about doing a 1 for 1 for a 25-06 (and that would be free). He already has a T8 but could he just use that on the new rifle without getting another slot for one


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    I know someone that does just that so i dont think its a problem as long as its proofed.

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    It is perfedctly ok to use one mod on as many rifles as you want,as long as they are down on your cert as having a mod.

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    Ah thats the point i wanted clarification on. The rifles need to have a mod allocated to them in order to use one on it?

    Basically he has one slot spare on his ticket (the spare mod) and was thinking about getting another rifle in its place and using the mod he already has on it.

    If he was to need to get another moderator as well then he would have to pay for the variation as it would not be 1 for 1

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