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Thread: DVD copying back up how to???

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    DVD copying back up how to???

    ok didnt know if this fitted anywhere so hope no one minds it going in the general forum

    i have a dvd of myself when was in south africa diving with great whites and i would like to copy it onto my pc hardrive to keep an electronic backup / copy..........................
    except i wouldnt know where to start

    i know my pc has dvd burner/player etc but i dont have any software ( wife says otherwise)

    so anyone got an idiots guide on how to ?????? and like the meerkats......keep it simples yes?!


    sauer /paul

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    Assuming you just intend to use windows media player

    Insert dvd into cup holder (some might call it the dvd drive)
    If DVD auto starts then stop it by pressing the (you guessed it) stop button
    Then just click on burn in the top menu on media player and following the instructions

    Dont forget you'll need a blank DVD of the correct type (+/- R) or you may even need a dual layer if the video is a long one
    If its an old PC/laptop ensure you actually have a DVD burner installed!
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    Your wife is probably right, I bet you have got Windows movie maker software, have a look in all programmes, you will find it by clicking on the start button in the bottom left hand corner of the task bar. Without checking as to how, |I think you can copy the DVD to your hard drive.


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