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Thread: what a morning, first fallow and first deer for my BMH

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    what a morning, first fallow and first deer for my BMH

    Just thought i do a quick write up, went stalking today with my 9 month old BMH called benjy for the first time.
    And im glad i did hes a natural , the morning was going quite slow and i did not see a thing and the time was clocking on but i decided to stay the full day.
    at about 11.30 i was stalking through the wood when my BMH all of a sudden frose and the nose went up i thought here we go, but could i see anything in the bins oh no bugger all.
    so i carried on with great care and kept stopping and looking and benjy was looking at me as if to say cant you see them you lightweight.
    then i spotted them (about 5 of them) about 200 yards through the wood, but no shot was on so i stalked very slowly to around the 120 mark, up on the sticks and selected a doe and let one rip the shot was a little high but it dropped like a sack of spuds.

    im well chuffed benjy has amazed me on his first ever stalk to behave like that was truely amazing and my first ever fallow as well cant be bad.

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    I can hear your chest swelling with pride from here mate!!

    Well done - to you and your dog! Birrova result on a couple of fronts


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    Nice one Dave. Dog looks a good un. Did you have to go far?

    Atb Steve

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    Hi Dave,

    Blimey what a result, good dogs these BMH aint they

    All the best mate.

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    Best stalking mate you will ever have. Great result from both of you.

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    Great result 223, was Benji walking with you untethered ? My BMH is a bitch and almost 10 months old but i dont think she will be ready to stalk with me for a few months yet. No problem following a trail with a long line, just not being steady enough and walking to heel without correction.

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    exellent results on both counts i bet your chuffed to bits ,i cant wait to get my pointer out with me,atb wayne

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    Benjy was on a quick release lead, hes good at scenting them but like your bitch hes still a bit lively off the leash at present, my advise is take her out on the lead stalking and keep her very tight to your side mate she will learn the game you want her to play,


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    Was about a year since I met you and sounds like your doing v v well, great to hear and very pleased for you, well deserved!!!

    Hope the dog keeps going good...


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