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Thread: Humble Pie...

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    Humble Pie...


    I'm not sure where to begin this post, but I guess it should be with an apology for causing such waves on the site.

    I said my good byes yesterday fully intending not to post again. Since that time I've had a few phone calls and emails from members, culminating with a call from JAB.

    We have both been members of another site for a number of years, but have never actually spoken before.

    During our chat it soon became evident to me that JAB feels very similarly on many issues concerning our sport whether it be the introduction of new members to stalking, to what might be termed "responsible" free speech on the forum.

    On the understanding that the forum will go forward on the basis of "open and fair debate" I have decided to eat my portion of humble pie and give things another go.

    I should stress that if we want "open and fair" debate, that does mean we have individual responsibility for our posts and that if we "police" our selves effectively, it will give the Mods/Admin no reason to do so..

    A large part of that decision is that issues of free speech aside, I think this site has a great membership, with many people going out of there way to help others, and that the fraternity among stalkers this creates is something I feel just as passionately about and wish to support.



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    I for one am glad your staying Pete, it`s people like yourself that teach me what i need to learn. Stalking is an art in itself.
    I think disagreements in debates are good things, we then see all sides of the discussion, afterall, it would be a bore if everyone agreed on every thing that was posted.

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    Glad you stayed mate its about opinions and i feel you will win more battles than you loose even if the ones lost are removed.

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    Enough said Pete e

    Good to have you back. Onward and upward


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    It shows a great deal about a man who has the courage of his convictions and can appologise when necessary

    I am very pleased you changed your mind and always feel like Basil it would be a sad world if we could not disagree in a debate but still alll be friends

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    Well said Pete, nicely done. welcome back. We can now all move forward together I hope.


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    pete e it takes a big man to say sorry not that i think you have to . i read your posts and replys and think you speak a lot of common sense . regards roedinator .

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    Thank you PeteE, I for one am glad to see you retain your membership.

    JAYB and myself along with Mark our IT man, will try our hardest to achieve the best for this site and its members, much has already been done, and more is possible. I for one am very anxious to see a scheme in place to help young inexperienced stalkers out with training and taking their first deer with a competent guide/stalker. There are many experienced people on this site and between us we can put somehting back into the sport that we all love.
    Once we are up and running and we have the sale sorted out, which is now going to take a little longer, I would welcome Pm's from any member with offers of help or setting up schemes to help our younger or novice members.

    Thank you everyone for your support, please bare with us while we sort things out, both John and myself will make an announcement once things are sorted and settled.

    Thank you

    Sikamalc Admin

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    Thanks for the kind words everybody..

    As JAB says I hope things can now move on in a positive manner..



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    come on pete you have giving some good advice on here and elsewhere we need stalkers like you to help the new stalkers i'am glad your staying

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