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Thread: Renewals by Post or Phone ??!

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    Renewals by Post or Phone ??!

    Cuts suggest that Police may no longer carry out home visits......

    BBC News - Police forces plan to cut home visits to gun owners

    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    "The Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers said the steps were against the guideline of a home visit every five years"

    Since when were either of those surprised about police FLDs deviating from the Guideline/Guidance?
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    What if your not on the phone?
    It would all have to be done through the post

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    Madness !!!

    I work for the fire service and everything is based on statistics. If they can find some figures to show you dont need a fire service or trucks you lose your fire service. This is no different. Don't waste your time, effort or breath worrying about it.... get used to it. Its gonna get worse, the country is broke !!!

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    Not sure what the issue is here?

    If I was fit to be entrusted with a firearm today why on earth would I not be tomorrow when my renewal interview is held? Could my approved cabinet suddenly not be police approved?

    I think it's quite sensible to leave those that have been assessed as safe or low risk alone to get on with it.

    Concentrate the police effort on new grants and major variations [if needed].

    It's a really inefficient system having them come to your house. Maybe for a grant, but would be far more efficient them giving 15 minute appointments at the police station that seeing one person every hour or so.
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    Good... at least the dog won't try to hump his leg again.

    So embarrassing
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Apache you're totally wrong here....circumstances can and do change for some people a lot in a 5 year period and someone could quite easily be suffering from some medical condition ( and in that I count alcoholism ) which has manifested in that 5 year period. If an enquiry officer visits an applicant the tell tale signs can on occasion be there to start the bells ringing as to someones unsuitability causing further enquiry to be made,if no home visit is done then these things will never be picked up on.Remember that even if they have been to a GP for some condition and I again use alcoholism as an example then the GP has absolutely no obligation to provide the Police with any information unless he is asked for it and to do that the Police must have a good reason to ask in the first place.The idea of doing away with home visits ( and this is not a new thing as I'm aware of English forces who have carried out enquiries in this manner before ) is a major step backwards and is fraught with danger

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    Circumstances do change, but a 10 minute visit every 5 years is not likely to pick up anything.

    Any way the focus on visits is the need for individual firearms and the land it is used on, and these have scant relationship to our fitness to possess firearms.

    Risk based visted would be welcome, jobs for the boys are wasting money.

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    Gus you are wrong actually, not everybody gets a home visit on renewal at the moment, and when did a fld become a trained psycologist or have any medical training. what happens if you get ill or start drinking a day after the visit. Most alcoholics are very good at covering there drinking up.

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    I wish my feo were part of the cuts. He seems very adept at wasting time and money probably to try and justify his job. Which incidentaly he does'nt need any qualifications other than being an ex- bobby to do. My renewal and variations have taken nearly 3 months and the time and effort of at least 8 different members of 2 police forces and the efforts of at least 4 civvies just to get what the home office guidance considers acceptable.
    The worrying part of it is that we all are cosidered to be down right liers until we prove ourselves different.
    I gave my feo a letter of booking for boar and goats, his reply was "is this a photo copy of someone else's booking". Even though it was addressed to me.
    I gave him a letter from my syndicate captain/lease holder stating my permision for the ground, his reply was "anyone could have written it, i will have to speak with him on the phone". This he did but still not good enough, captain had to travel 30 miles to his local police station and take the signed lease in person to prove he could give me permission. This was then faxed to the force area of the ground who then had to inspect the land (which they did'nt,they just told him to get a life, have you seen that piece of ground) and then fax it to my force area.
    I gave him written confirmation of a booking and deposit for an African safari of which i have been on many and he sat under a room full of trophys, his reply was "your mate runs this company are you sure this is a proper booking and have you been before".
    His parting words were " i wont be surporting your application.
    Fortunately i am a member of SACS who i contacted when i got tired of trying to jump through ever moving and shrinking hoops.
    SACS contacted someone at my force in the firearms dept who actualy knows what they are doing and have got this sorted in double quick time. What a breath of fresh air.
    SACS deserves all the surport they can get and i whole heartedly reccomend them.


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