As the .280 build is now home work can once again begin on finishing the rifle. The stock currently in use is going to be replaced as a previous owner had heavily sanded the fore end removing the chequering panels and making it very slim. They also hogged out the barrel channel making it look ruddy awful ina poor attempt at free floating the barrel. It was originally on a .270 Majestic Featherweight so as the .280's barrel is heavier I swopped the Monarch's stock for the Majestics as they have the same factory barrel profiles so only minor fitting/inletting is required to make the Monarch's stock fit the Majestic like it was made for it.

The Majestics schnable stocks barrel channel was opened up to suit the heavier 7mm barrel and now it's been blacked it can be finally fitted to the rifle and the bedding sorted and finished and the barrel channel set up with the correct barrel pressure point. Once testing is done and a bit of load development done the pressure point can be reomove and the barrel floated and re-tested.

This will not cause problems for me as the stock is going to replaced with a new one anyway and this was always the plan. Of course this will take some time to achieve the barrel is not propely screwed into the action as yet and the iron sights fitted then cases fire formed... All good clean fun though .