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Thread: Leupold VXI 3-9x50

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    Leupold VXI 3-9x50

    For Sale Leupold VXI 3-9x50 1" tube in as new condition with butler creeks. Scope has been mounted but never used.

    195 ono posted

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    any photos? could be intrested

    cheers conor

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    Quote Originally Posted by conorkelly View Post
    any photos? could be intrested

    cheers conor
    Will post some.

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    Which reticle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytie View Post
    Which reticle?

    Sorry, Duplex.

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    BUMP for a cheap Leup!

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    Hi,is it boxed with paperwork?

    Payment now sent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager SA View Post
    Lovely scope quickly posted.

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