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Thread: Home visits scrapped?

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    I had a home visit today from North Wales Police, a very nice guy came with my new FAC, checked my weapons and security and then took the FAC away to amend because I mentioned in passing that I found it frustrating that I could not shoot a fox whilst using my .270 which is conditioned for deer. He said that he would take the FAC away and re-word it so that I could shoot a fox if out on a deer trip but would assume that if asked to go foxing I'd use my .243. which is conditioned for deer and foxes. He also said that if I wanted to go for boar in the UK and just sent in a copy of the permission or booking he would immediately vary my .270 to use on boar at no cost.

    This is a most refreshing change in what has happened in the past up here and furthermore there has been no requirement for named ground as I most book ad hoc stalking here and there around the country these days.

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    A bad move in my opinion.....personally i think someone should have the responsibility to view the applicants home and how they live.

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    Its a bloody good idea , after youve had the first one to check your cabinets i dont see why they should keep coming round if nothings changed , its another thing if you have gained more guns or been convicted of something other than that what are they doing ? just looking at the same old cabinet ?

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    +1 Trouble,
    Had a shotgun licence since the 10bob one disappeared and a firearms cert for ~25 years. Moved house once since and apart from increasing my firearms, I don't think they needed to come when nothing has changed.

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    I don't see the point in a visit for renewal if nothing has changed.

    My force seem pretty relaxed. They changed my address on my FAC when I moved and I upgraded my safe - I've never had a FEO in my new house and I've lived here for over three years! I gave them all my new details and the size of my new safe in a letter and they just sent the FAC back with the new address on it. Heard nothing from them since?!

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    I was talking to a mate a 10 days ago and he has just renewed over the phone, a few questions he said no hasle sorted, it should not be a problem if nothing has changed since last renewal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul k View Post
    I had a home visit today from North Wales Police, a very nice guy came with my new FAC, .
    Sounds like you got the same bloke as me. A breath of fresh air, after what I was told to expect from NWP.
    (Although apparently his colleague is known as the FPO (P = prevention). Lucky it was his day off!)

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    Seems like a bit of a non-story to me, designed to create a bit of a furore. Notice it says that "blanket" home visits will be stopped, not "all" home visits.
    I'll wager that a grant will still attract a visit, and also any variation which takes the number of firearms above what the police know your current storage capacity to be.
    More smoke, mirrors and spin.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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