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Thread: Shooting permissions

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    Shooting permissions

    Hi all,

    I have had my FAC for over a year now and would really like to get a permission closer to where i live in Aberdeen. Is it just simply a case of enquiring with the land owner / farmer and knocking on doors, or is there a bit more too it than that? For instance would dsc1/2 and insurance be needed before they would even look at you.

    thanks in advance,


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    Just get knocking on doors.
    In England, unless you have an open ticket, the land also has to have been approved for the calibre you wish to use by the chief police officer for the area.

    In edit: Make sure it is the land owner you're getting permission from or his agent with the right to allocate permission to shoot.
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    Hi ! iv'e just been in you'r situation and have turned to Google maps !!! - just type in "farms in" and the name of the county you'r seeking permission in, and up come's the position of farms with names and telephone numbers !!! Explain you'r situation to the farmer that you'r finding it very difficult to find land to shoot upon and be pleasant and keep trying ! 3 months ago i had one parcel of land app 50 acres ! i have now 7 parcels totalling 4500 acres ! Good luck and all the best !

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