Sorry guys, joined the forums without firstly introducing myself.
I am fairly new to this hunting game so please excuse the bad jargon. I started in 2003 when we moved to France and needed to integrate with the locals, a good way was to join the hunt. Took the exam and passed, surprisingly. Only have one gun, I was advised as a novice to buy a 12 gauge magnum, its a 'Fair LX 600' short barrel special Battue. Only good for up to 50m. Its obligatory to use single lead shot.

Miss more than I hit but have managed an 85kilo boar at 25m. Need now to upgrade but don't have a scooby to be honest, spent 2 weeks trawling tinternet and have come up with the Browning X-Bolt don't know the best calibre to buy, either 308, 270 or .300 WM, am so lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't forget hear its all battue for big game so you could either be 10m away or 200m away!