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Thread: Stalking within easy reach of Yorkshire

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    Stalking within easy reach of Yorkshire

    Looing for stalking within easy reach of Yorkshire, I am looking at going 1 day per month initially, any species and accompanied preffered.


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    Try >>HERE<<

    Only hear good things about John at Yorkshire Roe Stalking

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    I'll have to agree with that. I have done 4 stalks with John so far and am out again on friday morning


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    Sent him a PM last week and heard nothing back so I can only presume he has enough work on.


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    try john robinson yorkshire stalking very good and good price to, keep trying he will be very busy on the does email him from his web site.


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    Try cockerdog, I think he is based in North Yorkshire. 1995rs

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    Cheers 1995,
    I have sent him a message.


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    sorry broadband been down for 7 days.
    few days left for march
    sent you a price list.
    i have 2 phone numbers and a web site with contact details.

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    I have replied to your message.


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