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Thread: Fox Mange transferring to dogs ?

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    Fox Mange transferring to dogs ?

    Hi there, I've been reading the interesting forum about dogs being used for retreiving foxes.
    Recently I've lamped a few very mangy foxes. I'm led to believe that this is very contagious. Has anyone any experience or advice on this? - - I'm very cautious about letting my dog near any fox because of this.

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    Yes it can travel across and can be a bugger to shift depends what type of mange

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    I agree and made the mistake of throwing dead foxes in the back of the truck with my spaniels. even allowing for the fact they werent in direct contact one of my girls has problems with mange on and off.

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    Can definately be transffered to dogs. I used to live on a small equestrian plot in Essex and once had a dog that was a real ******* for rolling in fox ****. Of course the dog caught mange - 3 bad outbreaks in fact. Fortunately an old farrier who lived up the road could get some foul smelling tar-like stuff that would cure least for a time. I believe that the old horse trainers use it for when the horses roll in the fox ****.

    I now live surrounded by sheep farms so won't tolerate any foxes near the home or surrounding fields.

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    Yes definatly transfers to dog's. Guy i know's dog caught it he thinks from runnign through cover..... Vet said it's some sort ot mite or something either way is a bugger to shift.

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    I frontline all my terriers , who work fox on a regular basis , ive never had a mange problem . I think its down to frontline killing the mite , i always bury any fox with mange on the stop . Caramosa ointment helps shift it and helps with most minor scapes

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    Yes dogs can easily catch fox mange. Frontline has no licence claim against Sarcoptes mites. The better product to use would be Stronghold or Advocate monthly. They both are effective at killing the parasite and do the dogs for fleas, ear mites and roundworms. Both excellent product that are safe and effective.

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    Maybe ive been luckey then , where do you get those two products from and what form do they come in and what sort of price are they

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    Ask your vet for Alugan it is a wash I put it in a spray bottle and wash the dogs down rubbing it into the belly fur and below the legs where the mites like warm and wet,

    Let the dog dry with out them licking the Alugan isn't to good for them I take the for a walk easiest way .

    If they are in kennels do them as well.

    It's just a form of sheep dip from what I'm led to believe .

    Just checked the vet meds the alugan is discontinued.

    Aludex is now the new form of the above ,always happens when you get something that works ban it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    Maybe ive been luckey then , where do you get those two products from and what form do they come in and what sort of price are they
    Both are prescription only medicines and can be supplied by your vet or bought on prescription. They are both in the form of pipettes applied to the back of the dog's neck. Cost will vary by region but it's similar to Frontline Combo, the Advocate is a similar price to Stronghold.

    I use Stronghold on my dog.

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