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Thread: Land Size?????

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    Land Size?????

    what is the smallest piece of land that you have put a highseat up on to shot deer from?

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    sorry, just read post back an it's not very clear, for an example;

    if there is a wooded area of say 20 acres with a good number of deer present in that wood and you had permisson to shoot on a small area of land in that wood, how large an area would it need to be?
    is there a minium legal area of land that you can shoot over?

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    A field of no more than 2 acres.

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    Measure the bottom of your high seat add a couple of inches for comfort that should be plenty .lol

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    I know people who own a 2a woodland, it has signs of red and roe in it, and would work well with a high seat. They don't want the deer shot though!

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    Bosses ex-wifes garden, about 20m x 50m. JC

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    I don't believe there's a "legal limit", although either:

    a) the land would need to be cleared by the police
    b) you would have to make a judgement call on whether you believe it is safe for shooting

    depends on the terms of your FAC.

    i have an open ticket and have deemed a small piece of land I have (30 acres) to be safe and just perfect for munties.


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    Agree depends on the FLO whimm, I have a piece of ground which was ok for me to shoot foxs on with my .223, but they wont let me shoot roe on it with my .243 unless its from a high seat. Fortunately my FAC does not define what a high seat is!!!!!

    I ask you surely its up to the shooter to make the deciscion what is safe.

    I have heard that couple guys have been granted use for deer with High seat on just couple of acres.


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