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Thread: Aldi digital callipers

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    Aldi digital callipers

    just to let anyone know....maybe a bag of daz but Aldi are doing digital callipers for about a tenner. Dont know if they are any good but just to let you all know...


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    I think given you can get a decent set for 20-30 then it may work out as false economy especially thinking about what you might be using them for and which forum you have posted it in.

    not something I would want to scrimp on.
    get some non digital verniers if you want to save the pennies. they dont lie and have no batteries to die.

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    I know you have posted this trying to do guys on here a favour and save money but before joining the fire service I was a time served toolmaker. The guy training me was a guy called Alan Albrighton and he was a pretty switch on engineer. I recall him saying to me "if you want to work to the very best standards your going to need the very best tools", and that little saying has stuck with me. I can also remember quite clearly never using a vernier if you can get a micrometer to do the same job as the micrometer is a far more accurate and sensative piece of equipment.

    With that in mind and the personal experience of variations caused by slightly different bullet seating depths I would be very careful using Aldi verniers for measuring anything to do with reloading.
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    I picked up a set of digital calibers off ebay for a tenner, and I can say that they are really bloody accurate and consistent! I keep double checking accuracy with known sized objects, and they never fail...

    ..just saying, don't discount them if the alternative is to have none

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbobsam View Post
    "if you want to work to the very best standards your going to need the very best tools
    and you shoot what rifle??? just kidding

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    Aldi do sometimes throw up some good bargains....not sure if it is true today but my father used to always say that the germans like their stuff, and they are sticklers for quality, then it should be good enough for us...not sure if he was only talking about the food though.

    Maybe once i get my .243 i will start to reload but till then...


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    Just popped in for some sausages and noticed that Aldi have the digital callipers back in at 8.99. They also have ultra sonic cleaners at 19.99.

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    i bought an ultrasonic cleaner from there spot got 100 hornet brasses in

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    i saw the callipers the other day...going to get one tomorrow. are the ultra sonice cleaners back in now as well...if so i will get one too...


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    I bought all the ultrasonic cleaners from the nearest Aldi last time as the blokes in the club had missed the stock of them in their own areas.
    Great machines at a fraction of the price of the offerings from the reloading companies

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