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Thread: .25 cal Nosler heads 100grain 5 for a box

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    .25 cal Nosler heads 100grain 5 for a box

    As header.

    Brand new box of 50. Blue tips from memory. Still sealed, selling as sold gun. 5

    Collected from Littlehampton, West Sussex (near Ford Ranges). Must obviously have expanding authority. Or can perhaps meet somewhere in Sussex/Hants. Just loathe to hand them in as they are BRAND NEW.

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    Just a pity i'm so far away mate as I am just starting to reload and would have had them in a flash.

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    bugger i would have had them i am in atherstone warwicskhire if ever passing i will have em

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    Hi, Have just bought a 25 06 which is logged with Craig Whitsea in Arundel awaiting my renewal. Would like to buy the heads. Happy to pay now and you hold or alternatively and if you are willing you could drop them off to Craig at Arundel?

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    Cadex & Timberdog, they are now gone I think. Sorry.

    Bustergreen, I am afraid I have just shifted them, otherwise I would have done so. I need to go and see Craig again in the next week or so anyway as he did me a great deal on a speedloader from Midway and I want another one! He is literally 5 mins from my house and a cracking RFD


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    Rarms, thanks for the heads. Appreciated your effort to meet up.Cheers.

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    No worries, glad they went to a good home

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