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Thread: Deer Smelling Jeep? Will it spoke them

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    Deer Smelling Jeep? Will it spoke them

    Lets say you put your high seat up giving you a kill zone of about 200 yards, ie deer regularly cross the track in front of you at 200 yards. How far away should you park your jeep from the high seat to avoid spooking the deer?

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    Good question, I have found in particular foxes tend to completly ignore anything 4 wheeled. In the summer I was parked up on a stubble field with the rifle on the roof waiting for an ellusive fox when a roe buck walked across in front of me, didnt bat an eyelid.

    My Suzuki Vitara provides a lovely semi high seat and the roof is a very stable shooting platform. Just tuck it under cover and make sure I have a good background.

    In relation to the question, if you do it on a regular basis I suspect they will ignore it, but I would say 100yds would be more than plenty.

    If i am out decoying, I just park up in the shade within 25-50yds and have no problems.

    In our populated part of the UK wildlife seem to just ignore wheels , however it might be different out in the wilds.


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    ive never had a problem with deer and vehicles. you can drive straight past them an 20 yards, but after a while they cotton on to it as danger and as soon as you stop there off. so after you have shot a few i would park as far away as possible and walk in. and if you dont see any it will play on your mind," is that the reason why?"

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    Some of the most productive darting of wild red deer that I've undertaken was from vehicles. Very slowly cruising amongst the man-high gorse clumps we would see them standing at 20m or less sometimes while I was standing up through the sunroof. A quick stop to take the shot and then slowly continuing on our way often meant the target wouldn't wander too far while the drugs took effect.

    A hot stationary vehicle a short distance upwind of your target zone might make them a bit wary but it's unlikely to have much, if any, effect if there are roads nearby and they deer are used to vehicles.,

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    About 3 yards from your seat sounds about right if you can get it there
    saves on walking

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    Walking back to the vehicle one April day 2 years ago I came in view of my Isuzu to find a Roe buck and 2 does feeding within 5 yards of the vehicle.

    Sitting in a high seat on a cross roads in the forest watching a Sika stag walk down the road thinking when he gets to 200yds he's going to get it ( the wind was blowing from me to him and the road was slightly uphill to him) BUT at 297 paces he threw up his head took a deep sniff and was gone.
    I must smell really bad. Sikadog

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    having had deer walk by me at 30 paces and never smell or see me but also having a deer at 800 meters smell me i dont see that it will make a big difference.
    the deer will be spooked one day but walk past you the next day.

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    Don't think it matters too much how close you park but myself i'd try not to park upwind or on the skyline.

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    On one bit of really tough ground I used to have access too, I spent a long cold morning trying to bag a fallow, without luck, in fact without getting closer than 200yds from the b*ggers.
    I gave up late in the morning and walked, not stalked, back up to my vehicle.
    There were three of the feckers lying right beside the Nissan, using the vehicle for shelter presumably.
    One of them was even chewing the cud!

    On another bit of ground I took the missus to show her some deer, telling how quiet we would have to be etc etc.
    We arrived before day break and cos it was cold I was persuaded to sit for a bit and let the good lady acclimatise for a while before leaving the wagon.
    After about 5 minutes she whispers, "what's that beside us?"
    Only a fallow looking at us from about 10 feet away, so unconcerned that it started to feed.

    So, unless they're being poached I don't think that they seem to pay too much attention to vehicles.

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    Who will be first to admit they shot their own wagon?

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