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Thread: Bullet or Rifle Issue?

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    Bullet or Rifle Issue?

    These bullets have come out of a 18mnth old Sako 85 .270, the bullets are Norma 110 Vmax. The cases started doing this so the rifle was sent to a riflesmith who cleaned/polished the breech and throat to try and solve the issue, he gave it a clean bill of health and suggested that there was nothing more he could do.

    The rifle has fired 2 shots with no bother and now its up to its old tricks again, its still holding zero but as you can see by the pictures it has some issues!

    Any ideas?

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    Don't know the answer I'm afraid, far more knowledgeable guys on here than me but what I will say is I've fired 100s of 110gr Norma Hornady vmax through my Tikka and never had one come out like that!!!

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    It looks to me like there is something up with the ejection mechanism, so it's an issue after firing the round. I would long and hard at the ejection blade. Is it marking the bolt and lining up with the slot in the bolt face. Do you use a bore guide when cleaning the rifle? Looking down the barrel the blade should just look like a finger sticking out at about 7 o'clock. You shouldn't be able to see the side of the blade, just a thin black line.

    If you can't see anything, I would suggest going to Callum Ferguson.

    Regards JCS

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    Are the cases striking anything as they are being ejected?
    If you extract the cases slowly into your hand rather than working the bolt rapidly are they dented then?

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    It *might* be a 'powder dent' - though I've only ever seen them on the shoulder and normally the cases are quite sooty too. Basically with insufficient powder the cases don't expand very much and burning powder can find its way in between the case and the chamber. Are your primers sticking out from your fired cases (another sign of insufficient powder)?

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    try loading a ejecting a undented cartridge.
    can you post a close up of the dent, any marks at all in the actual dent?

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    The case has small lines across the dent but my camera won't zoom in clear enough to take a picture of it. The riflesmith seems to think the dent is made by the gas. Unloading slowly doesn't seem to make any difference. Somtimes on loading a bullet the billet is slightly stiff to drop, don't know if that's related?

    There are no other signs that anything is wrong.
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    Dan, as I read it, it's unclear wether these cartridges are factory loads, or reloads of your own, either way, why no powder burn on the case neck, if it is as the smith says, powder load weight insufficient, I would have made the assumption that as others have, damage on ejection,... have you considered a poor batch of brass? (neck wall thickness, or even poorly turned out bullets?). Steve.
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    Logically this can only result from one of 2 possible causes. Either an external whack on ejection (you say not) or some issue in the throat of the breech which means instead of proper obturation (brass swell and seal) there is sufficient blow by to collapse the case neck. You may still be getting enough case swelling in the cartridge base to prevent breech gases appearing. The lines in the dent may just be the brass saying 'I've bent enough, now I fold'. You say the gunsmith polished the throat. He obviously had his suspicions. I would permanent felt tip 3 or 4 rounds with a lateral line. Hand load them in the 12 o'clock position, fire and then gently unload to see if you can establish a consistent area of collapse (say at 4 o'clock). That is then the area of interest to take to someone who can rework the breech.

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    Good tip about the felt pen.

    Possibly candle some around the neck to check for excess tightness?
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