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Thread: Exciting new shooting show - Bisley Live

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    Exciting new shooting show - Bisley Live

    Hi Everyone

    I thought I would post something to alert you all to a new shooting show, called Bisley Live, which I am helping to organise. It is being held 30 September - 2 October 2011.

    Set around Bisley’s historic clubhouses on 3,000 acres of beautiful Surrey heathland, there will be a game fair feel to the event with gundog displays, fashion shows and shooting competitions.

    Unlike some shows that cater for all fieldsports, Bisley Live will focus exclusively on the needs of the target and game shooting fraternity. A tented exhibition across the camp will showcase the very latest guns, ammunition, clothing and accessories from manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

    The unique attraction that sets Bisley Live apart from other shows is that visitors can test fire guns before potentially purchasing them. From airguns and shotguns, .22 rifles through to 7.62 full-bore rifles – exhibitors will be able to demonstrate the full capabilities of their wares like never before.

    So how will it work? Through negotiations with Surrey police, Bisley Live is able to offer individuals with Firearms Certificates (FAC) the chance to trial the rifles listed on their FAC on the Century Range under the guidance of range instructors and exhibitors. Shotguns and air rifles will also be available to trial at the National Clay Shooting Centre and the Winans Range but will not require the same certification.

    For more info, please visit Bisley Live - The Gun and Country Sports Show | 30th September to 2nd October 2011 or for regular updates follow Bisley Live on Facebook and Twitter @Bisley_Live.



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    Sounds like another date to be put in the diary. Hope it all goes well Selena.



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    Got to agree with you there Malc, well done Selena.
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