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Thread: The obligatory hello

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    The obligatory hello

    Like many, I stumbled across the site while killing time/waiting for the FAC to come through. Ex Forces, most of my larger game shooting was done in Germany with a Jagdschein and borrowed rifles that were, curiously, mostly chambered in .308W. Back in the UK I have mostly shot winged or small ground game with the occasional stalking invitation to remind me of what I was missing.... that and regular walks with the dog in hills that are full of roe and sika. All being well I'll shortly have a .270W and be looking to periodically fill the freezer. My neighbour owns a few woods. I am being very nice to him!

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    Welcome to the site.
    Maybe your friend has friends, who have woods also, good luck with the quest.

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    Hi Callum,
    don't see it as an obligation mate, it might just lead to something good. Has done several times for me. Hope you enjoy the site.


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    But I think good manners are obligatory!

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    with that attitude you will fit in well here and will go a fair way towards you getting your stalking sorted. Good to see you here.

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