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Thread: altitude and reloading

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    altitude and reloading

    hi guys how much will altitude effect my reloading just so you are all in the know im using 130 grain bullets and 60 grains of h4831 its very accurate and have no pressure signs at all but should i back off i have been informed that we will be at around 2500mtrs on a glasier so i just want to be prepared ,atb wayne

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    Altitude itself will have little influence, the higher you go the lower the air pressure - you can check it out using any good ballistics program - run the calculations twice only altering the altitude parameter and nothing else. The results should help you to understand what will happen.
    Temperature has a distinct effect - cold equals lower pressures and hence slower bullets. Vihtavuori used to give indications for this in their loading brochures.
    Some people reload differently for hot or cold environments.

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    thanks for that just wanted to be safe,atb wayne

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    Those rounds could be lethal at altitude - to prevent you from coming to any harm, I should go to New Zealand in your place...


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    ha ha that made me chuckle i will see you before i go, anyway you use the same rounds .i could just cross my fingers and shut my eyes before i fire one off .see you soon wayne

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