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Thread: Knives

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    Steve O


    Don't buy an expensive knife. I got all excited and paid 55 for a Buck knife and 6 for a luminous orange cheapy from the Game Fair. I never use the expensive one - nice though it is!

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    Rob 1


    Completely agree. I did somthing similar. OK the blade won't hold an edge for as long, but what does it matter - I always take a sharpener with me anyway.

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    I have a buck zipper and find the gut hook really gets in the way, as for cheap knives versus expensive your ability to sharpen a knife is paramount ,though the expensive knife will hold its edge much longer

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    Folding knives

    I wouldn't get another folding knife. It's a pain getting the crap out from inside the mechanism.

    Use a cheap solid blade version - works for me.

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    A good knife is a joy to use. A cheap one is a pain. Try dealing with a moose with a knife that won't hold an edge.

    Gut hooks are a waste of money and a pain in the a.. to use. They do one thing well, and then they are in the way for the whole rest of the job. Folding knives can be cleaned well in an automatic dishwasher, but I prefer fixed blades for serious use.

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    I bought a couple of victorinox butchers knives. 15 then asked a local saddler to make me a sheath. 10. Job done. Absolutely razor sharp, safe and very inexpensive.


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    Hi all,
    agree with your view on cheap knives, i now use {after a lot of money spent on exspensive knives} Frost Clipper Knives, well cheap hold a good edge and sharpen easy time after time!

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    I hate cheap plastic handled knives. They are just what it says on the tin, cheap. and nasty .
    There are some excellent stalking knives out there, designed for the job in hand and not costing a small fortune.

    Like Canuk has said " A good knife is a joy to use. A cheap one is a pain. Try dealing with a moose with a knife that won't hold an edge."

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    Its all down to choice at the end oif the day.
    Cheap plastic knives have a place but that place is in the larder doing what they were intended to do.They never hold a decent edge for long. Ok when your in the larder and be bothered to keep on working them up with a steel. Also the blades are always to long and flexable for practicable use in the field.
    When we are culling and have a number of hinds to turn out the last thing you want is a crappy knife to work with.

    Buck, Scharade and Remmington make some very good and affordable knives.

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    I have some expensive knives which i agree are nice to have and to use but is a pain if you lose one. I also have a few bushknives of bushwear and there cheap as chips and re sharpen easy every time. and at 4.00 each you cant go wrong if you lose it

    But i would never consider a folding knife or a gut hook knife.

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