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Thread: DSC 1, Sparsholt College

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    DSC 1, Sparsholt College

    Hello All,

    Some of you on here will know I was at Sparsholt College this week, Thurs-Sun for my DSC 1 Course.

    Well, I am pleased to say I passed it.

    I found the course vey informative, this was down to the Instructors running the course. They are all experienced Deer Stalkers and all are Lecturers at the College.

    Thanks to-

    Matt Morris-Hill, Head of Game and Wildlife Lectures,
    Charles Smith-Jones
    Dr. Des Purdy

    And lastly Graham Downing,
    Author of “The Deerstalking Handbook”, for the telling of his experiences and for the lectures he gave.

    All the Students on the course thoroughly enjoyed their time spent with the instructors.

    The old saying “You get out of something what you put into it”, I gave the course 100%, had a laugh and a joke, even at my own expense, but met some nice, genuine people who were only to happy to help others who were not as experienced as themselves.


    PS. I also managed to get some once fired .243 Sako and Federal cases that will be listed on the March and Shoot Auction.

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    Well done Stu, once fired cases, you never miss a bloody trick


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    Well done stu, nice one bring on the level 2 eh?


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    DSC 1,Sparsholt college

    Hi Stu,I would have expected nothing less , well done troop !!! Tony

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    Well done Stu. Are you going to give us your 'scores on the doors'? When I did it a few years ago I just squeaked the recognition phase by the barest pass mark.

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    49/50 General Qustions. Got the England/Scotland muzzle Energy the wrong way around!!!! it's only 50ft/lbs... Well narcked at my self!!

    36/40 Large Game questions, not impressed with that also, the good thing though, I think all of us got the same 2 questions wrong, not down to the instruction, but us making our own minds up the day previous without seeking advice.

    19/20 Deer ID. Munty Buck, nope, it was a Doe, I thought it just had its pedacles, no antler, looked like it from where I was , my argument was then, "Well they are in season all year round, so what's the problem"

    Shooting Pass
    Firearm Handling Pass

    There you go.

    Signing up for Level 2 Next year on return from Afghan as I will be away from UK for 8-9 months over the next year so no point in registering until I return.


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    What were the large game questions that threw people?



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