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Thread: Bad news today......

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    Bad news today......

    I had a letter from work today(I only work Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon)telling me that I have been dismissed for 'Medical Capability' in other words absenteeism.....I had 1 day for a wisdom tooth taken out,11 days with a broken rib,and 3 days after nearly chopping off my thumb.l've arranged to speak to a solicitor tomorrow as well as sign on.....haven't done that for a very long time!


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    Thats it get in that solicitors first thing , good luck with that and get everything you can out of them

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    Sorry to hear that- were your injuries sustained (wisdom tooth excepted ) whilst at work? If so you could have a claim against your employer and I might be wrong but I thought they had to consult with you to improve absenteeism before paying off- but your solicitor will be better placed to provide advice..

    In any event good luck with sorting it out one way or tother

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    MARTIN. keep your head up ...remember if you can find stalking you will find another jod if it does gets to that ....ATB ....neil

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    Take them for everything you can, if your on the sick with your sore paw you don't require to sign on .

    The citizens advice will give you free info before you head to a lawyer with a better knowledge of the situation.

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    Martin, sorry to hear that; good luck and all the best to you.

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    wish you well at this time
    Hope you get the result you deserve
    best wishes

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    That sounds bloody ridiculous!

    How long have you worked there?

    Medical capability sounds far more like a clause for long term absence or disability. Did they actually carry out any form of medical examination, or are they using a scoring system like Bradford?

    Regardless,solicitor sounds the way, have you got any, ahem, "personal factors" that might explain the dismissal as discriminatory?

    you know, black, disabled, gay/bisexual? Don't knock the prospect of having recently come out as being the last one

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    Hi Martin
    Sorry to hear your bad news hope your situation improves i have been on the sick since november i was taken to hospital again last monday with breathing problems,apparently its cardiomyopathy anyway my heart is knackered.Time we got together for a beer or two

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    As soon as I am driving again Geordie I will set up a meeting again for a chinwag mate,cheers......Martin

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