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Thread: medium optilocks

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    medium optilocks

    start, again. wanted medium optilock 30mm rings reqd for a tikka to replace the low ones I have just bought and are no good.

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    Have you got the bases, or are you looking for a Tikka ring/base all in one?
    I have a couple of sets of 30mm rings in blue unused in packs, will check height tonight if they are the sort of thing you are looking for.
    cheers FlyBoy270

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    Hi m8,
    Im also after some blued med 30mm rings for otilocks if you have 2 sets,
    let me know if you sort other guy out and still have a set left,

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    hi there, I don't have the bases, I removed some 1" one piece mounts off the rifle so will be looking for medium 30mm one piece mounts or 30mm medium rings and mounts to suit the new scope

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